7 Tips To Improve Security At Home

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Nothing can be more traumatic for a homeowner than a break-in, that heartbreaking moment of coming home to find your house compromised and valuables have been stolen. If you have fallen victim to a burglary or are simply looking to improve the security of your home to warrant off any potential dangers, follow these 7 simple home security tips:

Have a Visible Security Alarm

Not only is it vital to have a secure wireless alarm for your home, but it’s also essential that this alarm system can be seen on the exterior of your property. One of the first things a burglar will notice when they are searching for a target home is the security system. Meaning that if your house doesn’t have a noticeable security alarm, it is much more likely to be targeted.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion sense lighting can act as an excellent deterrent for potential thieves. Especially at night-time when a huge beam of light catches them off guard as they go to approach your property. Not only can this act as a deterrent for uninvited visitors, but it can also alert the homeowner that somebody is approaching the house.

Lock Doors/Windows

Although this may sound like an obvious point, you’d be surprised at how many people forget to lock their doors/windows at night. This makes them one of the easiest entry points, with a minimal amount of noise made to gain access to your house.

Ensure Valuables Are Out of Sight

Whilst we’re on the theme of windows, it is also important that you minimise the visual display of valuables when potential burglars gaze into your house through the window. Typically, thieves will approach your house during the daytime and make a ‘shopping list’ of the goods that are on display in your home so that they can scope out the value of their future burglary. By simply keeping your curtains closed or putting your belongings away, whilst you are at work, you greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

Install CCTV

No security feature can give you peace of mind quite like CCTV. Especially with the ability to monitor your cameras remotely from your smartphone, you can check that your house is secure when you are on holiday, at work or anywhere that you please.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Always At Home

Although this one sounds like it’s coming straight from Home Alone, it can actually work as one of the biggest deterrents for any criminals eyeing up your property. Whether it’s a case of leaving certain lights on around the house or having the radio on a timer, burglars are extremely unlikely to attempt to rob a house that appears to have people inside.

Look For Any Obvious Entry Points

Sometimes putting yourself in the shoes of a potential burglar can allow you to spot any potential access points, weaknesses or areas of your home that suffer from a lack of security. Alternatively, you can get your friends involved and see if they spot anything that you didn’t.

Speak To Our Security Specialists

We hope that our tips for enhancing the security of your home have been helpful, if you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, you can arrange the installation of your CCTV cameras, wireless alarm system or anything else of that nature via the contact page.

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